December 2017 #RivetingReviews Introduced by Guest Editor Max Easterman

This month we have an astonishingly broad sweep of countries, languages, cultures – and Riveting Reviewers! Along with old hands West Camel, Mika Provata-Carlone, John Munch and Aneesa Higgins, we welcome, in no particular order except the alphabetical, Patrizia Crivelli, Ewa Sherman and Lizzy Siddal: a riveting feast for you.

As the eagle-eyed Translationisti amongst you no doubt know, in November some reviewers choose to highlight German Literature in Translation – so in this month’s #RivetingReviews we’d like to honour and repost reviews from two of our favourite reviewers of translated fiction, Lizzy Siddal and Tony Malone, who both also run very successful literary blogs and websites of their own. You’ll find the details and links at the end of their reviews.

So we have a mini focus on German literature thanks to Lizzy and Tony as well as Patrizia Crivelli, who has made her first reviewing foray into Daniel Kehlman territory: two Kehlmanns in one batch of #RivetingReviews? Who could want more for Christmas!

And don’t forget our next general #RivetingReviews deadline, which is February 2nd 2018 for the reviews and February 5th for publication. We welcome all new reviewers with open arms: just send your review to the usual email address But please do make sure you read the RULES first!

Now, enough from me as guest editor, except to say our NORDIC RIVETER was published in October and was warmly received … and to begin this month’s reading, here’s a link to the first of my reviews of two new books of Icelandic noirto get you in the mood for a coke-and-ice-bound Christmas. They don’t do things by halves up Reykjavík way…

By Max Easterman

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