About European Literature Network


Rosie Goldsmith: As a journalist I have worked in the arts and international affairs all my professional life. Europe has always been a central focus for me. In November 1989 ‘Eurofile’ was launched on BBC Radio 4 and I was hired as reporter/producer. A small team of us covered European issues from European countries for a British audience.

As a BBC presenter I was also asked to chair literary debates with foreign writers – and loved it. But I quickly realized how hard it was for even the best writers to become known in the UK, in a country which reads so little in translation. I am lucky to know Europe well, to know a few of their languages and to know how the media operate: I want to help.


I am proud to be considered a champion of European literature (and languages!)

I care passionately about helping writers, translators, publishers, booksellers, the media, festival directors, teachers and arts organizations to promote this literature.

To encourage better press coverage, more events at festivals, in libraries and bookshops; to help translators and writers to greater recognition – there is so much to do. And we should do it together: hence the NETWORK.

One of the main obstacles to success – in spite of the brilliance of individuals and individual organizations – is the lack of collaboration in the UK and lack of effective PR and Marketing in the field of European literature. That’s where the NETWORK comes in.

When the annual European Literature Night* was launched at the British Library in 2009, and I was asked to chair the event, I realized the enthusiasm was mutual – it just needed ‘channeling’. It needed a hub! So here it is: The ‘EUROPEAN LITERATURE NETWORK’, for all of you who care about promoting good writing from Europe – and its friends. From Lithuania to Albania, Austria to Romania and Russia to Turkey.

We are happy to welcome YOU to our Network: please join us.
Send us your links, events, pages, blogs, reviews, photos etc and we’ll post them.
Let’s spread the word about European Literature!

Photo of Rosie Goldsmith by Elżbieta Piekacz