About European Literature Network

The European Literature Network was created with the mission of championing great writing from Europe in the UK – and doing it together. Open to writers, translators, publishers, agents, booksellers, festival directors, arts managers and journalists, ELNet is a free, collaborative hub for sharing news and views. Founded in 2010 by former BBC journalist Rosie (‘The Riveter’) Goldsmith, ELNet spreads the word about European literature and translation on its website and through the Riveter magazines, Riveting Interview podcasts, #RivetingReviews, workshops, events and festivals. ELNet operates without funding or grants (unfortunately) and is therefore dependent on the passion, professionalism and dedication of the core ELNet team and on an extensive network of volunteers, supporters, partners and donors. ELNet is both an online and physical gathering place for sharing content and discussion, with the goal of encouraging the promotion, professionalism and popularity of European literature in the UK.


Rosie Goldsmith, Director of the European Literature Network and Editor-in-Chief of The Riveter magazine


As a journalist I have worked in the arts and international affairs all my professional life. Europe has always been a central focus for me. In November 1989 the Eurofile series was launched on BBC Radio 4 and I was hired as reporter/producer. A small team of us covered European issues from European countries for a British audience. As a BBC presenter I was also asked to chair debates, often with foreign writers, but I soon realized how hard it was for even the best writers to become known in the UK, in a country which reads so little in translation. I left the BBC in 2009 to become a freelance journalist and to use my skills more widely. I know Europe well, know a few of its languages and know how the media and social media operate: I created the European Literature Network to help. The ELNet community has become even more important since the UK’s exit from the European Union. I care passionately about helping to promote European literature, to encourage better press coverage, more events at festivals, in libraries and bookshops, to help translators and writers to greater recognition – there is so much to do. And I believe in doing this together, hence the creation of a NETWORK.

So here it is, the website of The EUROPEAN LITERATURE NETWORK (ELNet), free for all of you who care about promoting good writing from Europe, from Lithuania to Albania, Austria to Romania, Ukraine to Turkey. We are an independent group of like-minded professionals. We support freedom of expression and free thinking across the whole of Europe. We support the work of the European Union but are not affiliated to the EU. Having faced the pandemic, Brexit and another war in Europe together, we know that collaboration and mutual support make us stronger.

Welcome to our Network!

Photo of Rosie Goldsmith by Elżbieta Piekacz