The Riveter

The Riveter is a free magazine devoted to European literature, designed to make international writing popular and accessible to readers, to encourage book sales, and to celebrate excellent translation and fine literature in all its forms.

The Riveter was launched in 2017, and with a wide range of publishers, authors, translators, critics and academics involved in its content, it has achieved great acclaim with its special issues on Polish, Russian, Nordic, Baltic, Swiss, Queer, German and Romanian literature in English. 

Its funding method is similar to crowd-sourcing: we have no single sponsor but rely on support from the various stakeholders from the countries and cultures being profiled, and, where appropriate, money from our grants from ACE and Creative Europe. The magazine is distributed for free to bookshops, libraries and other organisations, and at events across the UK and Europe.

Starting from the latest, The Romanian Riveter, the copies of the magazine are available to order from for a nominal amount covering the cost of p&p and services.

Click on the cover images below to read full pdfs of the magazines.