November 2020 #RivetingReviews Introduction by West Camel

After an extended break, while we holidayed and then revelled in the abundance of Romanian content from our Romanian Riveter and the Romanian Rocks Festival, #RivetingReviews are back. 

It’s a small and select group of reviews this month. Barry Forshaw is back with some reviews of classic European crime, wondering why the hugely influential duo of Boileau & Narcejac isn’t more acclaimed. 

We have another hidden treasure, from Norway this time, in the children’s poetry of Inger Hagerup, reviewed by Johanne Elster Hanson

Our very own Anna Blasiak, who translated the acclaimed Holocaust journal, Renia’s Diary, reviews a Czech novel of the Holocaust, Hana

Paul Burke is back, reviewing non-fiction this time, in the shape of Benedetta Craveri’s The Last Libertines – a history of enlightened pre-Revolution aristocrats. 

Finally, Ewa Sherman takes on an Icelandic tale of the sea, in Storm Birds by Einar Karason.  

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Enjoy this month’s reviews, and do avail yourself of the wealth of content – reviews, essays, extracts, films and more – from our Romanian projects. 

Until next month… 

By West Camel

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