The International #RivetingReads Salon: Diego Marani

Diego Marani was born in Ferrara. He is a prominent and prolific Italian novelist, as well as a senior official at the European Union in Brussels – his ‘day job’ is as the Officer in charge of Cultural Diplomacy at the EU. His novels include the trilogy New Finnish Grammar, The Last of the Vostyachs and The Interpreter – all published in English by Dedalus and translated by Judith Landry – as well as a detective novel with a difference, God’s Dog, and collection of short stories in Europanto, Las Adventures des Inspector Cabillot. Diego also writes entertaining columns about current affairs in Europanto, his own invented language.

Diego Marani will appear during The International #RivetingReads Salon on 28 April at Waterstones Piccadilly, part of the Writers of the World Unite! festival. Other guests of The International #RivetingReads Salon are Boris AkuninCristina Sánchez-Andrade, Elif Shafak, George Szirtes, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Rory MacLean, Vaseem Khan, Vesna Goldsworthy and Zinovy Zinik.

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