#RivetingReviews in December by Rosie Goldsmith

We are now in the middle of #ELNetGerman, our special German fiction month on the European Literature Network. Our Guest Editor and ELNet contributor Judith Vonberg is a marathon runner in life and in literature: she is posting short Advent Calender-style video reviews of 31 remarkable German books in English EVERY DAY this December. It is a lively and original way to digest German literary bites. Judith and I both studied German literature and want to ‘share the love’ – as do many of you, it seems: thank you for your support on Twitter and Facebook, for the interviews and reviews you have contributed. We have yet more gorgeous German literary gifts to unwrap over the rest of the month so don’t go away, but here and now (tahdah!), are our regular #RivetingReviews for December – of German books ofcourse!

Judith Vonberg herself headlines with her review of a major new novel by Steven Uhly, his masterpiece Kingdom of Twilight, translated into English by Jamie Bulloch and published by MacLehose Press on January 12th 2017. We also have riveting reviews of novels by Maja Haderlap, Robert Seethaler, Hans Fallada, Arno Geiger and Volker Weidermann – all translated into English – and one that we would sincerely wish some canny publisher might translate from German, a novel by Joachim Meyerhoff. And our #RivetingReviews would not be complete without a crime novel: Sascha Arango’s The Truth And Other Lies, dissected by our regular riveter Max Easterman.

Herzlichst, Eure Rosie Goldsmith

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