#RivetingReviews by Rosie Goldsmith

It’s mid-month so if you are following our brand new venture then you’ll know this is the time of the month when we publish our #RivetingReviews.

This November we are delighted to welcome star reviewer Tony Malone who prides himself in reading and reviewing a new book in translation every day (although he said recently that he now has ‘a proper job’ so may not have as much time!). Tony runs his own website and lives in Australia – but hey! We are all global now!

For November’s #RivetingReviews Tony writes about a trio of talented female German writers.

Our second reviewer this month, Alex Moran, also reviews a German writer in translation, the late, great Walter Kempowski.

And for my own monthly review I have turned to former Yugoslavia and to the literary superstar Goran Vojnovic.

Remember December is just round the corner!
Do send us your ideas and books and – very importantly – we need YOU to review them!

Here’s a Reminder of the Rules for #Riveting Reviews

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