#RivetingReads: Fiona Graham recommends HERR ISAKOWITZ SKATT by Danny Wattin

Herr Isakowitz skatt is an account of the author’s road trip across Sweden and Poland, together with his father and young son, to the city where his Jewish great-grandfather lived until the Nazi regime ended his life. This affectionate, touching and gently humorous book works at two levels: it tells the stories of Danny Wattin’s grandparents and their families, who escaped the Holocaust, and it shows the strength of family bonds over generations, not least between the author and his father.

Herr Isakowitz’s Treasure has been published in 13 languages in addition to the original Swedish; English, however, is not yet among them.

Recommended by Fiona Graham

HERR ISAKOWITZ SKATT (Herr Isakowitz’s Treasure)

Written by Danny Wattin

Published by Piratförlaget (2014)

Fiona Graham, Reviews Editor at the Swedish Book Review, translates from Swedish, German, Dutch, Spanish and French. Her latest book translation is Torill Kornfeldt’s The Re-Origin of Species: a second chance for extinct animals (Scribe, July 2018).

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