Prose, Poetry & Debate: Queer Writing from Europe – Jacek Dehnel

Jacek Dehnel, born in 1980, is an award-winning poet, novelist and translator. He has published eight volumes of poetry, fourteen of prose and eight translations. Two of his novels are available in English: Saturn and Lala, both translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Aperture, a poetry collection selected and translated by Karen Kovacik, was recently shortlisted for the PEN America Award for Poetry in Translation. He lives in Warsaw with his husband Piotr Tarczyński, with whom he is also a co-author of three crime novels set in turn-of-the-century Krakow. The first volume, Mrs Mohr Goes Missing was recently published in English. 

Jacek Dehnel will take part in our Prose, Poetry & Debate: Queer Writing from Europe event on 6 June at the Brixton Library. He will be in the company of author and The Riveter editor, West Camel, writer and Polari Literary Salon founder, Paul Burston, and Icelandic crime writer Lilja Sigurðardóttir. Together they will discuss political and social upheaval facing Europe and what these trends mean for queer people, queer writers and writing. They will also launch the European Literature Network’s magazine, The Queer Riveter.

Photo of Jacek Dehnel by Cezary Rucki

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