French Book Week: Noëlle Revaz

Born in Vernayaz in Switzerland in 1965, Noëlle Revaz is the author of four novels and numerous short stories. She has also written for theatre and radio, and her first novel, Rapport aux bêtes (With the Animals), won several literary prizes and was adapted for film. Her first two novels were translated into English. Revaz’s work has been described as original, startling and audacious. Much admired for her stylistic verve and versatility, Revaz’s work is both alluring and unsettling. Her novels offer an ironic and honest take on family life, relationships and the modern world. Her subject matter ranges from the brutal realities of country life to the illusory pleasures and distractions of life in our hyper-connected world.

Photo of Noëlle Revaz by Seagull Books

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