French Book Week: Antoinette Rychner

Born in Neuchatel in 1979 Antoinette Rychner is the author of several plays, essays, novellas and novels. Her 2019 memoir entitled peu importe où nous sommes (It matters little where we are) is based on her family’s experience of her five-year-old son’s leukemia diagnosis and treatment. Her first novel, Le prix (The Prize) was published in 2015 and won the Prix Suisse de la littérature and one other prize. Her most recent novel, Après le monde (After the end of the world) is described as an eco-feminist post-apocalyptic treatment of a familiar theme. Critics praise her work for its punchy, dazzling inventiveness and also for its beauty and sensitivity. 

None of her work has yet been translated into English.

Photo of Antoinette Rychner by Mario del Curto

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