Translating Europe: Translating Audiovisual Europe – the Power and Pitfalls of the Amateur

This is the latest in a series of Translating Europe workshops organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation. This workshop was organised in close cooperation with the Centre for Translation Studies (CenTranS) and University College London.

This event will take the form of a roundtable focusing on the visibility and pitfalls of amateur translational practices such as fansubbing and fandubbing, as well as crowdsourcing, which represent some of the newest forms of translation within the wider context of the internet revolution brought about by the Web 2.0 and social media. Spearheaded by netizens that may not have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of subtitling or dubbing, these activities display a set of specific characteristics that will be explored in the roundtable. The ultimate aim of this event is to engage the audience in a discussion that will cover areas like the technical nature of these cultural practices, the profile and interests of the participants and collectives that engage in them, their modus operandi, the legal and ethical issues that these phenomena raise in regards to copyright infringement, their impact on professional translators and industry workflows, as well as the potential implications that these practices can have in translators training.


17.00 Registration

17.30 Roundtable and questions

Chair: Prof. Jorge Díaz-Cintas, Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) at UCL


Dr Rocío Baños-Piñero, Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) at UCL

Dr Serenella Massida, Roehampton University, London

Dr Jan Pedersen, Centre for Translation at Stockholm University

19.30 Reception


Registration here.

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