Trafika Europe Radio, 9 August: George Perec, Joseph Incardona, Altay Öktem, Özgür Balaban and Barbara Epler

Trafika Europe Radio will see five new audio episodes of their literary livestream this Sunday, 9 August 2020 from noon EDT (5pm in London), with two full encores during the week!

To listen live and to explore their podcast archives.

The complete schedule with show descriptions:

Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White, Ep 13 – George Perec, Life: A User’s Manual (a reading)

Sun 9 August noon EDT (5pm in London, 6pm in France) (51 mins)

Enjoy generous excerpts from George Perec‘s iconic, playful novel, Life: A User’s Manual, in English translation by David Bellos, as read by Ismail Ibrahim. The Boston Globe called this book, “[o]ne of the great novels of the century. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the late 20th century has produced a novel on the level Joyce, Proust, Mann, Kafka, and Nabokov.”

Swiss Literature Today, Ep 13 – Joseph Incardona, Indefinite Leave to Remain

Sun 9 August 1pm EDT (6pm in London, 7pm in Zurich) (34 mins)

Swiss author Joseph Incardona speaks with host Andrew Singer about his polyglot upbringing and immigration to Switzerland generally, in light of his novel, Indefinite Leave to Remain. The series enjoys support from the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York and Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Bowery Poetry Speaks, Ep 13 – Altay Öktem, Turkish poet

Sun 9 August 2pm EDT (7pm in London, 9pm in Istanbul) (29 mins)

Famed Turkish poet, novelist and doctor Altay Öktem speaks with Andrew Singer about his work, including reading of his poetry. This conversation is fully bilingual (Turkish-English), recorded in Istanbul with live-interpreting by Ece Karaagaç.

Turkish Sofa, Ep 13 – Özgür Balaban, Your Hands Are Regular

Sun 2 August 3pm EDT (8pm in London, 10pm in Istanbul) (25 mins)

Poet and author Özgür Balaban speaks with Erkan Karakiraz about his collection of poetry, Your Hands Are Regular, in light of some poetry movements and critical methodology in Turkey. Includes the English-language premiere of these poems translated by Erkan Karakiraz.

Women in Translation, Ep 13 – Barbara Epler, New Directions

Sun 9 August 4pm EDT (9pm in London) (54 mins)

Barbara Epler, director of New Directions, shares a wealth of detail with host Andrew Singer about the nuts and bolts of literary translation and editing, and some authors and translators she has worked with – in this insider interview packed with gems, sure to please literature aficionados. (This is a reprise of an earlier talk.)

If you miss these episodes on Sunday, there are two full encores during the week:

“Eastern encore” – Tuesday 11 August from 10am in London, 6pm in Tokyo, 7pm in Sydney,

Second encore – Thursday 13 August from noon in New York, 5pm in London

Episodes may start one minute or more early or late. Please feel free to hang out in our music lounge between shows.
For full schedule and to listen.

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