The EUROPEREADR Podcast. RIVETING INTERVIEWS with authors across Europe

EuropeReadr is a groundbreaking digital platform initiated by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council with the support of EU Member States and EU institutions. Over the past few months EuropeReadr has teamed up with the European Literature Network to create a special series of audio podcasts, as part of the Riveting Interview series hosted by former BBC presenter Rosie Goldsmith. 

All nine podcasts are now available as a series for the first time!

Original and innovative, this is the first collaboration of its kind, the first series of audio interviews with European authors in English produced in the UK, the first to include a free book with each interview.* The nine featured authors are already well-known in their own countries, most are appearing for the first time in English. In warm, engaging conversation with the director of the European Literature Network, Rosie Goldsmith, they each address the theme The Future of Living, covering topics such as children’s rights, climate change, multiculturalism, the refugee crisis, social media and the importance of books and reading in our lives. Their featured books cover a wide range of genres too, from novels to short stories, poetry, comics, essays and picture books. 

You can read about the whole groundbreaking EuropeReadr project taking place across the EU by logging on to its dedicated website
 *You can access each book by each author for free via the EuropeReadr website until 31st December 2021, both in the original language and in English translation.
You can listen now (and forever!) to all nine author interviews: each Riveting EuropeReadr Interview is here to stay, for your listening pleasure!

The EuropeReader project is the initiative of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council with the support of EU Member States and EU institutions.
The EuropeReadr podcast series is curated and managed in the UK by the European Union National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) London and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in London.

For more information about the project and the podcasts please contact: 

Simona Leskovar, Slovenian Ambassador in London, says:

EuropeReadr is a digital platform dedicated to bringing people together through reading and exchange of ideas. It is the Slovenian EU Presidency’s flagship cultural and promotional project, where people engage in conversations about various ideas with authors from different parts of Europe towards our common future. Inspirational reading and listening indeed!

Mathias Rambaud, EUNIC London Presidency team, Head of the Book Department, French Embassy in the UK, says:

The EuropeReadr Riveting Interviews is a wonderful initiative to discover some of the finest European contemporary writers in conversation with one of the finest British journalists and literature experts in the UK. If you are, as I am, particularly interested in the complex history of central Europe, and convinced that fiction is the very place where this complexity can be embodied, I would particularly recommend the fascinating interview with Slovenian author Drago Jančar.

About the European Literature Network:
The European Literature Network’s principal mission is to help promote and champion European literature and translation in the UK, and across all the countries of Europe. We are a small dedicated group of passionate professionals who believe in networking, innovation, mutual support and European cultural collaboration.  We meet in networking groups and run a popular networking website. We publish Riveting Reviews, The Riveter magazine and The Riveting Interviews (audio and video podcasts) which focus on European literature in translation. More at: |

About Rosie Goldsmith:
Rosie Goldsmith is the host of the EuropeReadr podcasts, as well as host and creator of the Riveting Interviews. She is director of the European Literature Network and founder of The Riveter magazine of European literature in English. Rosie is a journalist specializing in arts and current affairs in the UK and abroad. In 20 years on the staff at the BBC she travelled the world and presented the flagship BBC programmes Front Row and Crossing Continents. Today she combines independent journalism with chairing and running events and festivals in Britain and overseas, and works closely with many leading cultural organizations. Speaking French, German and Italian, she is a champion of international literature, translation and language learning, promoting them whenever she can. 

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