#RivetingReviews in August by Rosie Goldsmith

This month our #RivetingReviews are all written by women. Which is appropriate because this August EuroLitNetwork is supporting a special WomenInTranslation month, to rectify the balance of too few #WIT. By the way, there are also too few female reviewers, another reason we started up #RivetingReviews, to support more reviews of foreign fiction in translation by both women and men. If you’d like to review this is your chance. The ‘rules’ are here on the website. And do read our special report by top translator and blogger Katy Derbyshire on The Whys and Wherefores of #WIT.

Our headline #RivetingReview this month is of The Return by the Portuguese writer Dulce Maria Cardoso. Be prepared to be riveted, as I was when I read it, and met her in Lisbon. We also have reviews from France and Sweden.

I’m off to the Edinburgh International Book Festival in Scotland then the Mantua Literature Festival in Italy, to track down for you more books, more authors, more reviewers and more readers of European Literature in Translation.

West Camel and Anna Blasiak are in the EuroLitNetwork chairs until mid- September. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

By Rosie Goldsmith

Category: ReviewsAug 2016


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