Reading Europe – Poland: ‘Entanglement’

BBC Radio 4’s Reading Europe will be broadcasting a dramatisation of the Polish crime novel Entanglement by novelist Zygmunt Miloszewski in two parts: October 11 and October 18, at 3pm.

The morning after a gruelling psychotherapy session in a Warsaw monastery, Henryk Telak is found dead, a roasting spit stuck in one eye. The case lands on the desk of State Prosecutor Teodor Szacki. World-weary, suffering from bureaucratic exhaustion and marital ennui, Szacki feels that life has passed him by, but this case changes everything. “The character of Prosecutor Szacki has enough charisma and complexity to give competition to the likes of Mikael Blomkvist and Rob Ryan” said Foreward Reviews.

Zygmunt Miloszewski will also be interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Front Row at 7:15pm on October 9.

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