New Reviews Section launches tomorrow!

This month we launch our new Review Section. We believe that we need more reviews in English of international literature. It’s simple: more translated books are being published, therefore we need more reviews.

This is how our new Review Section will work: on the 15th of each month we will feature (and pay for!) one major review by a professional reviewer with their personal and honest assessment of a top, topical publication – fiction or poetry. Also, each month we will welcome shorter reviews of new books translated into English. We will also post website links with reviews from other media and other publications of international literature. And we will run reviews of books that SHOULD be translated into English.

The idea is to make a hub, not just for networking, promoting your events, blogs and translations, but also for excellent reviews of international literature. And as this network and this website exist for all of you, the only way to make this work is with your participation. Please send us your suggestions for reviews via this website.
Our editor and director of, the journalist Rosie Goldsmith, will select the monthly books to review from your suggestions – and as a professional reviewer herself Rosie launches this new Review Section with an appraisal of Elena Ferrante’s The Story Of The Lost Child.

As with all our projects we would like to thank all our partners for their support, especially ELit Literaturhauseuropa and Arts Council England.

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