ELNet March 2017 Newsletter by Rosie Goldsmith


We have news! Real news! Facts, in fact. Remember those?

This month ELNet launches its first print magazine, ‘The Riveter’, a special edition dedicated to #RivetingReviews of Polish authors, guest edited by Deborah Levy and designed by Chris Riddell. I can promise you bison and black vodka. We’ve created this ‘Riveter’ to support the Polish Market Focus at London Book Fair on March 14th-16th. You’ll be able to pick up your free copy at LBF and, at the end of the month, you can read the whole magazine on our website. We received so much excellent material that we are also producing extended online Polish #RivetingReviews. Later this year we’d like to create two more special ‘Riveters’, on contemporary Russian and Nordic literature, but that’s only possible with funding (anyone?!). Our beautiful Polish ‘Riveter’ proves that passion and professionalism go hand in hand at European Literature Network. Thank you to all our March riveters, especially to my little team Anna Blasiak and West Camel. Please don’t forget our regular online reviews: you are still welcome to submit general reviews of European literature in English for April and because it’s Easter the deadline is the 10th for publication on 12th April.

We have more news!
At the end of April, over the Bank Holiday weekend, we are staging a new mini-but-magnificent festival called ‘Writers Of The World’ at Waterstones Piccadilly, with whom we have been Best Literary Friends for a long time, as you know. To create WOTW, ELNet is partnering with WP, and our new Best Literary Friends, Speaking Volumes and Little Atoms. Three days of world class world literature and names, themed to the centenary of the Russian Revolution,

And yet more news, more facts:
We are reading more literature in Britain; we want to read even more; we want it included in schools and we want libraries to help provide access to it. This new extensive research on the UK’s reading habits, published today, March 1st, was carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Royal Society of Literature. ‘Literature in Britain Today’ reports that 75% of adults in Britain have read literature in the last 6 months and 88% agree that literature should be part of everyone’s education; also that, the internet is not a threat to reading and, it concludes, Literature plays an important role in social cohesion – 81% agree that literature helps people understand other points of view.
Many of the survey’s other findings are less positive – it’s clear we have a lot of work to do to support reading in the UK – but it is important and ground-breaking because, in these lean, mean times for libraries, schools, the arts and European politics, we need a firm, factual basis on which to build further strategy and policy. Read the full survey here and help spread the news via #LiteratureMatters and @RSLiterature – and don’t forget us @eurolitnet

I’m delighted to say that the Royal Society of Literature, and its Director Tim Robertson, have also become Best Literary Friends in the support of international literature in the UK: we look forward to further collaboration. The RSL is also a partner of the new ‘European Writers On Tour’ which will kick off on May 10th with a new-look European Literature Night at the British Library (another BLF!). We’ll be able to give you full details in our April Newsletter but BLF Catarina Ferreira, President of EUNIC, has given us this sneak preview to share with you:

European Writers on Tour 2017
In response to the changes faced by Europe, literature can offer new and challenging views on our identity, history and diversity. European Writers on Tour invites you to meet some of the most exciting writers from across the channel, as we bring authors to the UK and share their stories and experiences.
European Writers on Tour takes place throughout the year in London and around the country. It includes various initiatives such as the launch event on Tuesday 10 May 2017 at the British Library –  a special European Literature Night with A. L. Kennedy and guests – talks from European authors at five major British literature festivals, as well as a range of other talks and events at the British Library.
European Writers on Tour is an initiative proudly delivered by EUNIC London in partnership with the Royal Society of Literature and the British Library. This programme is supported by the European Commission Representation in the UK and EUNIC Global.

So there you have it: real news and fabulous facts from the world of fiction!

Warmest regards from Rosie The Riveter.

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