March 2017 Riveting Reviews by West Camel

This March, it’s Polish month at the European Literature Network, so all our #RivetingReviews are of Polish books.

For the first time, the European Literature Network has branched out into print, publishing our first physical magazine, The Riveter. The inaugural edition of this superb (it really is) publication celebrates The London Book Fair 2017 Polish Market Focus and will be distributed for free at the Fair.

However, we had so many excellent contributions and so many people in the network offering us their work, we had to expand the magazine from 20 to 40 pages; yet still we didn’t have enough room for all the insightful and thought-provoking reviews we received.

Not wanting to cast them aside, we decided to publish some of them online, as our usual #RivetingReviews. We are pleased, therefore, to offer you a review of Boundary, Zofia Nałkowska’s 1935 classic, which is available in English for the first time. We also have reviews of books that aren’t yet available in English: an award-winning account of a WWII atrocity; a debut short-story collection from Weronika Murek; and a new biography of Witold Gombrowicz (we are teasing/treating you with a sample extract from these two!). And also, yours truly has written a companion piece to his Riveter review of Wiesław Myśliwski, focussing this time on the author’s Nike-award winning A Treatise on Shelling Beans.

Throughout the month we will also be posting content from The Riveter print magazine. And finally, to round off our Polish March in style, we’ll be making a pdf of the expanded magazine available to download.

We’ve found our immersion in Polish literature incredibly rewarding over the past few weeks, as we’ve put our print and online publications together. We hope you’ll feel the same when you read the product of our efforts.

By West Camel

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