Lit Cast Slovakia

As all the major international bookfairs were cancelled, the Centre for Information on Literature (LIC), the agency that promotes Slovak literature and helps to fund translations into other languages, has had to switch its activities online. In April it launched LIC Online, a new page on their website, with brief videos (in Slovak) in which writers and translators share their experience of life in the time of corona. Another new venture is a weekly podcast alternating between German and English speakers and featuring interviews with publishers, translators and academics. The first three episodes of Lit_Cast Slowakei, hosted by writer and translator Michal Hvorecký, and Lit_Cast Slovakia, hosted by translator Julia Sherwod, are currently available through ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and GooglePlay as well as on SlovakLiterature.Com, the website dedicated to bringing Slovak literature to English-language readers and to promoting Slovak literature abroad and curated by Magdaléna Mullek and Julia Sherwood.

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