Italy and the Language of Food

Is there such a thing as an Italian national cuisine and language of food?
Do we in the UK really understand all the regional and local nuances of Italian language and food? How can we learn to speak the language of Italian food?

The Italian food industry in the UK is a phenomenal success: supermarket shelves, wine shops and delis are full of Italian produce; Italian cooking graces our TV screens and bookshelves. More quietly and behind the scenes a parallel market has grown in the language and translation of Italian food and drink into English; a market of cookery books, TV shows, subtitling, magazines, blogs, food labels – and novels describing food!

With GIORGIO LOCATELLI (renowned chef, TV star and bestselling author), FEDERICA SCARPA (Professor of English Language and Translation, University of Trieste), SIMONETTA AGNELLO HORNBY (Italian novelist and food writer) and GIANCARLO CALDESI (La Cucina Caldesi)

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