Great Europeans – Geert Mak

How do Europe’s leading intellectuals see their continent, in the light of the current crisis? To launch this major new series of debates on Europe, there is no one better qualified than the Dutch author Geert Mak.

Original, eloquent and provocative, for us tonight Geert Mak updates his magnum opus In Europe for the 21st century. In Europe told the story of our continent in the 20th century through the stories of those who experienced it. Considered a masterpiece of travel-writing and observation, a “splendidly panoramic picture of our common European home,” it was also turned into an epic 35-part television series.

Through his unique personal and professional engagement in the culture and current affairs of contemporary Europe, Geert Mak will discuss his view the continent today – what’s gone wrong and how to make it right. Chaired by Rosie Goldsmith.


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Geert Mak – A Great European

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