French Book Week: Joseph Incardona

Born in 1969 Joseph Incardona is a prolific novelist and writer, of mixed Italian and Swiss origins. He has written over ten novels across a range of genres and has also written for theatre and cinema. His work is both popular and critically acclaimed and has been garlanded with numerous awards as well as being adapted into film. A charismatic and unconventional character, Incardona is an engaging speaker. His crime novels (published by Finitude) focus on psychological questions and topical themes of social and political interest, while his series of autobiographical novels, including Permis C (Indefinite Leave to Remain, published by BSN Press, 2016) recount the experiences of an Italian immigrant in Switzerland. Often darkly comic in tone, Indefinite Leave to Remain deals with timeless themes of identity and belonging and the harsh realities of life as an immigrant on an estate where poverty and violence are all around. Incardona’s work has been translated into German, Italian, Korean and Georgian, but none of his books have yet been translated into English. His most recent novel, La soustraction des possibles (High Fincance, published by Finitude, Feb 2020) has been described as a satirical tour de force that is both thrilling and irresistable. Shortlisted for multiple awards, it has been widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike.

Photo of Joseph Incardona by Jean-Blaise Besençon

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