French Book Week: Anne-Sophie Subilia

Young Swiss novelist Anne-Sophie Subilia studied at the University of Geneva and lived for a while in Montreal before returning to Switzerland to complete a master’s in literature at the Haute École des Arts de Berne. Her second novel, Parti voir les bêtes (Among the Animals) takes place in a country village, where a young man has returned to live in closer proximity to nature, and her most recent novel Neiges intérieurs (Inner Snows), was inspired by the journal she wrote during a sea voyage under sail to the Arctic. Subilia’s work has been praised for its unsentimental and perceptive treatment of themes related to our need to escape the urban environment. Neiges intérieurs contrasts the inner lives of the individuals living in close confinement on a small ship with the vastness and grandeur of the landscape around them. Her writing is described as subtle, economical and sensitive.

None of Subilia’s work has yet been translated into English.

Photo of Anne-Sophie Subilia by Éditions Zoé, Romain Guélat

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