French Book Week: Anna Serra

I am a writer. Through writing I explore, transfigure myself, look deeply into the sensuality of the body-universe; I let the questions emerge. Through these questions, I grow. My influences are a mix of all sorts of poems from around the world, of my Catalan roots, of the medieval era and its mystic writings, of the poets surrounding me but especially of the experiences to which I am introduced by a strong longing for liberation.

I pulse out the poems I write. I mean I use my voice, my body, and sometimes instruments and objects; it can also involve other musician-composers or sound poets. All that has been done in the last century in order to get poetry out of the book (sound poetry and poetry-action are the best-known terms) also inspires my rhythmic and scenic approach to text. I can be driven to explore or improvise sound and scenic writing sessions.

I have chosen to speak about pulsed poetry to shine a light on this living poetic practice which tries to feel both its own pulse and the cosmos’s at the same time. So far, I have inspired two collective adventures, aimed at offering sensitive strength to this practice: Radio O and the Revue Or, in augmented reality, which allowed visual and oral poetry to be known altogether. I am now growing an association of pulsed poets in a farm in the Morvan.

Recueils :

Dehors Dehors, éd. Lanskine, 2019.

Putain Vachement, ed. Tremendes, 2018

Je suis trop propre, éd. Furtives, 2018

Mont Reine, éd. Supernova, 2015.

Manifeste :

Note poésie pulsée, éd. Furtives, 2019

Traduction (du catalan au français)

Tanière de lunes, Maria-Mercè Marçal, éd. Supernova, 2016.

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