February 2019 #RivetingReviews: Introduction by West Camel

We’re back after our hiatus, during which we celebrated our winter festivals and spread the love about all things #LiterallySwiss by posting fistfuls of #RivetingReviews from our Swiss edition of The Riveter magazine. 

The return of our Riveting Reviews, sees a strong focus on crime and a preoccupation with literary treatments of real-life events. The eminent Barry Forshaw, doyen of the UK’s crime reviewers brings us bang up to date with reviews of a trio of the very latest European crime novels. Max Easterman also focuses on crime, with new work from Italy and Finland. 

We welcome the return of one of our favourite reviewers, John Munch, who introduces to the fin-de-siècle Prague through a deliciously louche collection of stories by the Czech Decadent movement. 

We move into more serious territory with stories based on real-life events. Lucy Popescu reviews Tommy Wieringa’s The Death of Murat Idrissi,which draws attention to the deaths of hundreds of migrants attempting to travel to Europe. 

Aneesa Abbas Higgins provides our feature review this month – of a chilling examination of the Nazi occupation of Austria, with timely warnings about the contemporary moment and our own views of history. 

A fictionalised account of the tragic life of Mileva Einstein – wife of Albert and a sadly overlooked scientist in her own right – is the subject of Silvia Sovic’s review. We’re breaking our usual rule with this book, as it is not yet available in English. However, we do have a sample English translation, published in the hope that a wise publisher will pick it up. 

Enjoy this tremendous selection of reviews, and please note that next month our reviews will be published a little later, as London Book Fair draws all our attention. 

by West Camel

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