ELiT European Literature Days.

European Literature Days: Get to Know Literature. Get Together in Wachau.

19–22 November 2020, Krems-Stein an der Donau

This year’s 12th European Literature Days 2020, due to ongoing safety precautions, are being held online and broadcast as a live-stream event // Ariadne von Schirach gives the keynote talk and joins in discussion with Robert Menasse // Award ceremony for the Austrian Book Trade Honorary Award for Tolerance in Thought and Action 2020 to A. L. Kennedy followed by a reading and conversation // Events include guest writers Petina Gappah, Matthias Politycki, Sjón, Polly Clark, Edo Popović and Olga Grjasnowa.

As a ray of hope in our uncertain times, the European Literature Days 2020 are going ahead as scheduled and as a live-stream broadcast of the festival events. The keynote topic “More Wilderness!” inspires international writers from different cultural contexts to ask questions, for example, What forms of wilderness exist? What do we fear? What personal experiences do we have beyond our social contacts?

This year the European Literature Days offer a broad spectrum of formats: interactive participation by the audience in talks and debates; short video portraits of the writers and interviews as well as readings; virtual exhibition tours and concerts. All events are broadcast from the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche with moderation by the hosts in English or dual languages.


Thursday, 19 November, 7:30pm

Defining Wilderness – Elusion, A Waste Land, Refreshing?

Keynote talk by Ariadne von Schirach: Wilderness. Come into the Open, Friend, and Be Amazed. Followed by Robert Menasse in conversation with Ariadne von Schirach

Live stream https://youtu.be/K9wB–JUo1Y

Friday, 20 November, 9:30am

What Do We Look For in the Wild – the Untamed Edge of the World?

Writers: Polly Clark and Dan Richards. Moderator: Rosie Goldsmith

Live stream: Writer Q&A interactive in English https://youtu.be/HoPumbJXXKI

Friday, 20 November, 11:30am

Who Inhabits the Wild – Pedestrians, Dreamers, the Lucky Ones?

Writers: Fabio Andina and Miek Zwamborn. Moderator: Rosie Goldsmith

Live stream: Writer Q&A interactive in English https://youtu.be/NYKza5Gia2o

Friday, 20 November, 2:30pm

Who Defines Wilderness – Explorers, Conquerors, Refugees?

Writers: Gergely Péterfy and Petina Gappah. Moderator: Rosie Goldsmith

Live stream: Writer Q&A interactive in English https://youtu.be/k8wI_PAY0iI

Friday, 20 November, 7:30pm

Literary-Artistic Soirée

Writers: Olga Grjasnowa, Michael Stavarič. Moderator Veronika Trubel. Followed by a virtual exhibition guided tour (State Gallery of Lower Austria)

Live stream: Reading and Exhibition Guided Tour https://youtu.be/tX3zvvSoZjI

Saturday, 21 November 2020, 10am

What Do We Learn from Walking?

Writers: Edo Popović, Matthias Politycki. Moderator: Rüdiger Wischenbart

Live stream: Writer Q&A interactive in German and English https://youtu.be/oEdbWmmBQbQ

Saturday, 21 November, 11:30am

Eating and Being Eaten or Collective Thinking?

Discussion on the keynote topic of the European Literature Days  2020 “More Wilderness”. Input: Andreas Weber: Indigenous Thinking. Discussion with Ariadne von Schirach. Moderator: Rüdiger Wischenbart

Live stream: Writer Q&A interactive in German https://youtu.be/mqMS1hUF094

Saturday, 21 November, 4:30pm

Vanished Worlds, Astonishing Trees, Wild Adventures

Writers: Peter Balko, Daniela Emminger, Anna Ospelt, Filip Springer. Moderator: Hans Koch

Live stream: Writer Q&A interactive in German and English https://youtu.be/9ptwfH9sQeQ

Saturday, 21 November, 7:30pm

Literary-Musical Soirée 

Writer: Sjón. Reading: Johannes Silberschneider. Moderator: Katja Gasser Concert: Ernst Moldenand Ursula Strauss “Wüdnis”

Live stream: Reading and Concert https://youtu.be/LhuaPxIRfHg

Sunday, 22 November 2020, 11am

Literary-Musical Matinée/Award Ceremony

Presentation of the Honorary Award of the Austrian Book Trade for Tolerance in Thought and Action to A. L. Kennedy by HVB President Benedikt Föger. Reading and conversation with A. L. Kennedy. Laudatio: Sonja Zekri. Moderator: Katja Gasser. Concert: Mario Rom’s Interzone

Live stream Reading / Talk / Concert https://youtu.be/Lz-E4FDLmAI

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