CROWD – CReating Other Ways of Dissemination

CReating Other Ways of Dissemination (CROWD) is a self-starting network in the European independent literary scene founded by Lettrétage (Germany), Forum Stadtpark (Austria), Nuoren Voiman Liitto (Finland) and IDEOGRAMMA (Cyprus).

Composed of inspiring, independent literary activists, the network promotes mutual, interactive exchange, gaining access to a wide audience through digital as well as analogue means. Through CROWD, diverse, contemporary literary scenes across Europe will be discovered and further developed.

Here is CROWD’s message:

“Contemporary literature is about so much more than just texts and books. Contemporary literature ultimately comes to life through the people who create, read and disseminate it in the present. Not in 30 years’ time. Not after five publications and the Nobel Prize. But RIGHT NOW! As a think-tank for face-to-face encounters and digital interaction, CROWD facilitates real-time experience of contemporary literature that hasn’t as yet been institutionalised. The network promotes mutual, interactive exchange, gaining access to an ever-expanding audience through digital as well as analogue means, CROWD wants to unearth the most diversely innovative ideas in contemporary European literature; collectively develop and introduce them to public discourse across Europe. CROWD wants to raise mutual awareness among parallel communities and, ultimately – through focusing on literary promotion – significantly and sustainably amplify the reach of cutting-edge, contemporary literature, irrespective of original language. CROWD aims to establish a European literary public that is itself able to form the backbone of a collective and varied contemporary literature model.

CROWD wants to meet you! Yes, you: writers, translators, organisers, journalists, independent publishers from all over Europe! So please visit our online questionnaire and tell us a bit about yourself and your project, your creative process and motivations. Share your ideas about literature and its dissemination and get to know more dedicated activists like you!”

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