Creative Translation in the Classroom – Call out to Translators

Translators in Schools are looking to appoint four translators keen to develop their own educational practice by collaborating with and enabling teachers to co-deliver original projects around creative translation-in-the-classroom. Creative Translation in the Classroom starts on 8th June 2017. Final delivery will depend on your pilot project and availability, but should be no later than 13th October 2017. We are offering a fee of £1250 per translator.

About The Project

TiS hope to pilot a total of 4 projects: 2-3 in primary schools and 1-2 in secondary schools.

They are looking for individual practitioners each offering a different approach, so that Creative Translation in the Classroom will cover an exciting range of disciplines and specializations. (Examples might be: poetry; comics; approaches to creative translation for GCSE students; approaches to creative translation for 6th formers; creative multilingualism; creative distance-learning; creative international partnering etc… We are very open to suggestion.)

To take part in this project, you will first need to attend (as a contributing translator) the Translators in Schools continuing professional development day (CPD) for teachers and teaching assistants, in association with the Stephen Spender Trust and funded by the Rothschild Foundation. We will be delivering the training day at Waddesdon Manor Dairy, Aylesbury, Bucks, on Thursday 8th June 2017, 9.30am-4.30pm, for up to 40 educators working within a 30-mile radius of Aylesbury. The day will be led by award-winning translator Sarah Ardizzone, with the aim of inspiring teachers and teaching assistants working with key stages 2-5.

Some or all of the 4 selected translators will lead short sessions in their chosen disciplines.

The second half of our CPD day will help broker partnerships between translators and teachers. This is with a view to 4 local schools being assigned their own “translator-inresidence” who will collaborate alongside one or more teachers to help embed innovative and practical approaches to creative translation in the classroom.

Once you have been partnered in a specific school, you will co-develop your creative-translation-in-the-classroom pilot project with 1 or more teachers. Together, you will determine timelines; how much of the project is about remote delivery and how much is on-site; as well as your legacy objectives. Your project will be evaluated through an on-site visit by Translators in Schools, or through remote assessment as appropriate.


TiS are offering a fixed fee of £1250 + travel expenses, which is calculated as follows:

– attendance and participation in training day at Waddesdon Manor @ £250

– 2.5 preparation days to develop your pilot @ £500

– 1 delivery day @ £300

– ongoing liaison and follow-up @ £200

Your Profile

TiS are seeking to expand our network, so while you should be familiar with the work of Translators in Schools it is not essential for you to be a Translators in Schools’ graduate. You might be an emerging or recognised literary or commercial translator, with an imaginative and creative approach to learning environments; equally, you might be a poet or writer with other languages.

How To Apply

Please supply a biog or CV, making clear which languages you offer, and citing relevant classroom or workshop experience.

In no more than 100 words, please state why you would like to participate in this project.

In no more than 250 words, please state what specific pilot project you propose developing.

Deadline for applications: Friday 31st March to

Successful applicants will be notified by: Thursday 13th April

Further Information

Please take the time to read our Call Out to Schools (below). This has been circulated by the National Trust, Waddesdon Manor and the Stephen Spender Trust.

Call Out to Schools: Translators in Schools has developed a broad-spectrum language and literacy toolkit, which can be applied creatively and effectively across the curriculum. Our training equips translators, teachers and teaching assistants to use translation in classroom settings and beyond. It promotes multilingualism as a crucible for imaginative learning (including in monolingual classes), linking to National Curriculum objectives in literacy, MFL and citizenship. Suitable for educators working with key stages 2-5, our CPD day will broker partnerships between translators and teachers, to stimulate collaborations on innovative and practical approaches to classroom translation. Join us for an inspirational day in stunning surroundings, after which four local schools will be assigned their own translator-in-residence to help embed these approaches. To register for your place and for further information, please e-mail: or

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