The BookBlast 10×10 Tour: A Celebration of Independent Publishing

11 September-15 November 2018

A Nationwide Festival of Independent Publishing!

A carnival of authors, poets, translators and publishers, under the banner of trailblazing writing agency BookBlast® will be travelling to major cities across England showcasing some of the finest independent, spirited literature and poetry being published today.

The BookBlast® 10×10 Tour, in association with Waterstones, will visit the 9 regions of England, celebrating risk-taking publishers who fill a unique niche discovering talent, publishing authentic and offbeat books which add value to the cultural landscape. 10 small independent trade publishers will host author-translator themed talks in 10 cities over 9 weeks, one in each city, held in flagship regional stores of Waterstones.

The tour kicks off on 11 September in Waterstones, Gower Street, London W1, nestling between UCL, Birkbeck and SOAS in the heart of Bloomsbury.

With these events, BookBlast® aims to unite people in the spirit of friendship and exchange. The tour connects London and the regions. A tour of this kind has not been done before. It has grown out of the successful celebration of independent trade publishers kicked off in 2016 via online journal The BookBlast® Diary which covers independent trade publishing and writing from France.

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