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CONVERSATIONS: 19 October – 13 November | RCI London & online
The headline “Rock Talks” conversations bring together some of today’s greatest Romanian and British literary brains to discuss issues and ideas close to their hearts.
Norman Manea and Ben Okri | Andrei Codrescu and David Mitchell | Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici and Ian Rankin Ana Blandiana and Fiona Sampson | Marius Chivu and Paul Bailey | Ioana Pârvulescu and A.L. Kennedy | Magda Cârneci and Deborah Levy | Matei Vișniec and Elif Shafak

POETRY: 28 October | event recorded in Bucharest and streamed online
Let there be Poetry! Live readings with PEN Romania.
With poets Claudiu KomartinRadu VancuSvetlana CârsteanAndra RotaruRadu Nițescu.

WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS: 19 October – 13 November | RCI London & online
      > Translators’ Workshop, with the support of the British Centre for Literary Translation. Participants invited: Gabi Reigh, Jozefina Komporaly, Alistair Ian Blyth, Philip Ó Ceallaigh, Lidia Vianu, Andreea Scridon, Diana Manole, Viorica Patea, Sean Cotter, Adam Sorkin.
      > Publishing Romania Seminar, in collaboration with Publishers Without Borders. The participants will discuss challenges of publishing in translation today on the UK, Romania and international markets. Presentation of the TPS & Publishing Romania funding programmes by the National Book Centre in Bucharest.
      > The Language of the Romanian Blouses.Workshop with Ioana Corduneanu and British authors who will produce a collective poem/short story /piece of sewing/artwork inspired by the blouse.

SCREENINGS: 19 October – 13 November | RCI London & online
      > The Distance Between Me and Me (Distanţa dintre mine şi mine), directed by Mona Nicoară.
      > Soldiers, Story from Ferentari (Soldații. Poveste din Ferentari), directed by Ivana Mladenovic.
      > Moromete Family. On the Edge of Time (Moromeții 2), directed by Stere Gulea.
      > Parking, directed by Tudor Giurgiu.

SPECIAL EVENTS: 19 October – 13 November | RCI London & online
      > UK-based Romanian authors in conversation. Invited guests: Stela Brinzeanu, Vica Demici, Cristina Muresan, Simona Nastac, Anda Vahnovan, Andreea Scridon, Mihai Stet. Chaired by Paula Erizanu.
      > Romania-based British authors in conversation. Invited guests: Arabella McIntyre-Brown, Mike Ormsby. Chaired by Bronwen Riley.
      > When distance becomes air: Ruxandra Cesereanu and Andrei Codrescu meet in a virtual space where they perform based on their writings, letters/messages and thoughts.

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES: 24-25 October | RCI London & online
      > Illustration workshop with Axel Scheffler and Maria Surducan
      > Storytelling with Simona Antonescu
      > Screenings and workshops.

CLOSING EVENT: 13 November | RCI London & online
Rock concert on the Roof: Publika & Guests

The festival is supported by dedicated bookshops selling books from both the Romanian and British authors:

The European Bookshop: Click here for books in English
Cărți Românești: Click here for books in Romanian

Details about the Festival:

The festival is the brainchild of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London, under Festival Director Magda Stroe. It is co-curated by the literary dream team of Rosie Goldsmith, the festival’s Artistic Director, and Gabriela Mocan, the festival’s Creative Producer. Literary Co-ordinator, Brochure & Website: Anna Blasiak. Logo: Cristian Luchian. Translation & Editorial Assistant: Andreea Scridon.

All events are free, filmed by London Video Stories and will be available subsequently on Facebook, YouTube and RCI London & European Literature Network websites.

*ROMANIA ROCKS: This unique literary festival takes its name from Romania’s world-famous living, moving, growing rocks, the stunning geographical phenomenon known as “Trovants”. Hence our distinctive “rocks logo”. Romania’s rocks are also a superb metaphor for its vibrant and original literature and for a festival that aims to address some of the “cornerstone issues” of the day with our Romanian and British authors, from the environment to culture, health to technology, and of course, the transformative power of storytelling. Can literature make sense of today’s traumas and challenges and illuminate our lives?

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