March 2019 #RivetingReviews – Introduction by West Camel

Welcome to our March #RivetingReviews. Delayed slightly this month by the London Book Fair, we nevertheless have our usual intelligent and insightful selection from our line-up of perspicacious reviewers.

We welcome translator and editor Alyson Coombes to the fold, with her review of City of Jasmine by Olga Gjrasnowa – a raw study of life in Syria under the Assad regime. 

Life under ISIS is examined by Mika Provata-Carlone in her review of Laurent Gaudé’s Hear Our Defeats – a piece that continues our partnership with Bookanista and Mark Reynolds. 

Ewa Sherman takes on what in many circles is the book of this particular European, Brexit-inflected moment: The Capital by Robert Menasse.

Barry Forshaw continues to reward with reviews of Norwegian, French and Polish crime novels, Max Easterman transports us to Iceland and Austria with his contributions, while I take on a Lithuanian short-story collection. 

If you enjoy any or all of these literary treats, please help us spread the discussion by sharing them on the social-media or real-life platforms of your choosing. Until next month … 

By West Camel

If you’d like to contribute a #RivetingReview (and it has to be #Riveting), please read the #RivetingReviews Rules and then get in touch with us via our contact page.

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