Fourteen readers review their favourite German book

German month isn’t all about us – it’s about our followers too! Fourteen readers from around the world have made 30 second (ish) video reviews of their favourite German books. There’s comedy and tragedy, realism and romance, poetry and novellas, old and new – something for everyone. And they’re all available in English translation. So watch, share and make yourself a reading list for 2017!

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  1. Love your Project of German Month and watched the 12 mini- reviews. I like the wide range of the books chosen some of which were new to me. Others, of course, very familiar. One suggestion I have. While audio and video are great communication tools, I personally would find it helpful to have a written reminder of the authors and books. Or at least the authors. Some names are not so familiar that I would easily recall them when browsing for their books online. This recommendation also applies to the daily reviews. In some video clips the book cover is shown in others not. Thanks for all the work you!

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