European Literary Map of London

European Literary Map of London and associated Writer in Residency Programme

For centuries, writers have come to London from across Europe and beyond – as honoured guests and anonymous aliens; tourists and refugees; students and wanderers.  

In the squalid slums of the East End, in the glitter and glamour of Belgravia, in the unspoilt expanse of Hampstead Heath, these writers lose – and find –  themselves. Their encounters with the city leave a mark: on the writer, on their work and, sometimes, on London itself.

A forthcoming online interactive map, curated by UCL European Institute and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, allows you to explore London through the eyes of Europe’s writers, artists and intellectuals, via texts sourced from across the UCL community and beyond, and originally written in more than 20 European languages.

We are actively looking for new entries to feature on the map, short passages (poetry, prose, song lyrics, diary entries) originally written in European languages other than English, by writers from any time period, with a connection to Europe, and describing an encounter with London. If you have ideas, or think your own work could be profiled on the map, a refreshed version of which will launch in September, please contact

We also wish to encourage and enable new writing on London, in particular by diverse and under-represented groups. To do so, we will be piloting a Writer in Residency programme, formally launching in October, in partnership with EUNIC London and the EU Delegation to the UK. The Residency will provide non-UK European writers the opportunity to spend 4 weeks at UCL in academic year 2023/24, and to produce an original piece of writing on London, engaging with one or more of the Map’s cross-cutting themes (Poverty & Plenty; Freedom & Constraint; Pleasure & Disgust; Nature & Noise; Fantasy & Banality; Familiar & Other).

To find out more and/or to register your interest, please contact

By Lucy Shackleton (She/Her)

Head of Public Policy and Partnerships

UCL European Institute, University College London

Twitter: @UCL_EI   

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