ELNet March 2018 Newsletter by Anna Blasiak


While Rosie The Riveter Goldsmith is busy moving house (NB. She will have a new postal address for all your lovely books!) and West Camel is busy editing our next Baltics Riveter magazine – to focus on Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian literatures (and to coincide with the Market Focus of the London Book Fair 2018) – I sneaked in and took over! But worry not, it is a very temporary takeover. All will be back to normal as soon as things settle, boxes get unpacked and Baltic reviews and excerpts are all submitted.

So here is a very quick (and quiet) recap of what’s behind us and what’s ahead – generally what we’ve been up to.

“Literally Swiss” was officially launched on 9th February at The Tabernacle in London. It was a real feast of Swiss literature, chocolate and wine, sprinkled with some Swiss music and a lot of humour. If you missed it, you missed a lot! However, wait a little bit longer and we will provide you with a lot of memories from the evening – our video footage, photos, sketches and blogs will be published on eurolitnetwork.com later this month.

And, if you are properly Swiss-lit-hungry, we are already planning our next “Literally Swiss” events (including The Swiss Riveter magazine), so please do watch this space!

Next week on Monday, 5th March is our  regular European Literature Network meeting (Europe House, 6pm-8:30pm). Please do come, bring and share your news, have a glass of wine with us (courtesy of the ever-generous Europe House). If you haven’t done so yet, please RSVP to me at anna.blasiak@yahoo.co.uk or, if you prefer, at contact@eurolitnetwork.com.

Monday is also the deadline for the next round of #RivetingReviews. Don’t be shy, get riveting with us. If you want to know more, check our Riveting Rules here.

And please keep sending your news and events – our website is there FOR YOU, to spread YOUR NEWS. All you need to do is send me a copy and an image I can use with the post. And remember we also have an extensive following on social media – everything that gets published on the website, goes straight to FB and Twitter as well. You have my Temporary Riveter’s word that I will always find time to put YOUR news on eurolitnetwork.com, even if I am snowed under with one translation project or another…

I guess we are all looking forward to London Book Fair, which is always a very eventful time for literature in translation. This year it will also coincide with the announcement of the first pair of winners of the newly established EBRD Literature Prize (which Rosie chairs). But before that the names of the three pairs of finalists will be published this Tuesday March 6th. Talk about turning up the heat…

Anna, the Temporary Riveter

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