Austrian Cultural Forum London Translation Prize 2020


The third Austrian Cultural Forum London translation competition has just been announced! The prizes are for the best German to English translation of contemporary Austrian prose writing. 

Call for submissions

We will be awarding separate prizes for: 

(A) Professional translators with at least one print publication in English 

(B) Aspiring translators who have not yet been published in English. We are particularly keen to receive entries from students/graduates who may be considering literary translation as a career 

This year we have teamed up with Residenz Verlag, and the texts to be translated (one for each category) have been selected from two recently published Austrian novels: 

Category A: Himmelwärts by Elisabeth Klar 

Category B: Die Damen des Hauses by Susanne Scholl 

Deadline and application:

To enter the competition, please email, with 1. Subject line: “ACF London Translation Prize 2020 – YOUR NAME”  and 2. The category (A) or (B) you are entering. You will then be sent the relevant text along with the competition guidelines. 

The closing date for submissions will be Friday 17 July 2020

For logistical reasons, entry is restricted to residents of the UK, EU and EFTA countries. 

The jury for this year’s competition is: Jamie Bulloch (translator, head of jury), Steph Morris (translator), Tina Hartas (book blogger, Trip Fiction) and Ben Yarde-Buller (publisher of Old Street Publishing). The judges will pay particular attention to the fluent use of idiomatic English and linguistic creativity. 


Category A: Euro 1.000 

Category B: Euro 300, plus an entrance ticket to the London Book Fair 2021 

Winners will be announced on 21 September 2020 and the award ceremony will be held at the Austrian Cultural Forum London in November 2020.

More information here.

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