Want to read some new Swiss fiction?

Elefant is a new novel by the Swiss-German writer Martin Suter and it’s been a big bestseller in the German-speaking world. The English translation by Jamie Bulloch is coming out on 31st May from 4th Estate.

It’s a story about a tiny glow-in-the-dark pink elephant that’s been created through genetic engineering by a group of scientists who just want to use it to make lots of money. It ends up falling into the hands of a homeless alcoholic who desperately needs a friend and it seems that he and the little elephant might just be able to save each other – but then soon the scientists are hot on their trail and will stop at nothing to get their little elephant back…

You can read an excerpt from Elefant here. Or come to our Literally Swiss event at The Tabernacle this Friday to pick up a free early proof of the novel.

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