Trafika Europe Radio, Sunday 21 June 2020: Kjersti Skomsvold, Dana Grigorcea, Olja Knežević, Mario Levi and Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

Trafika Europe Radio will see 5 new audio episodes of their literary livestream this Sunday June 21, 2020 from noon EDT (5pm in London), with two full encores during the week!

To listen live and to explore their podcast archives.

The complete schedule with show descriptions:

Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White – Ep 06: Norwegian author Kjersti Skomsvold, Sun 21 June noon EDT (5pm in London, 6pm in Norway)

A conversation with Norwegian author Kjersti A. Skomsvold. National Public Radio (US) has called her fiction “[a] masterwork of control and characterization”.

Swiss Literature Today – Ep 06: Swiss-Romanian author Dana Grigorcea: An Instinctive Feeling of Innocence, Sun 21 June 1:00pm EDT (6pm in London, 7pm in Switzerland, 8pm in Romania)

Swiss-Romanian author Dana Grigorcea has won the Schweizer Literaturperle and the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize and has been shortlisted for the Swiss Book Prize. Here she discusses with host Andrew Singer her second novel, An Instinctive Feeling of Innocence – out now from Seagull Books, in English translation by Alta Price. Includes excerpts from the book. This series is supported by the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

Women in Translation – Ep 06: Montenegrin author Olja Knežević: Catherine the Great and the Small, Sun 21 June 2:00pm EDT (7pm in London, 8pm in Montenegro)

Host Susan Curtis speaks with Montenegrin author Olja Knežević about her striking novel, Catherine the Great and the Small – just out from Istros Books in English translation by Paula Gordon & Ellen Elias-Bursac. Includes an excerpt from the novel – and please enjoy more from this book in Trafika Europe 17 – Mysterious Montenegro.

Turkish Sofa – Ep 06: Turkish author Mario Levi, Sun 21 June 3:00pm EDT (8pm in London, 10pm in Turkey)

Host Andrew Singer speaks with the great Turkish novelist and story writer Mario Levi, in this talk recorded in person at the author’s home in Istanbul; includes a reading by the author in Turkish and English. You can also find a generous excerpt from Mario Levi’s novel, Our Best Love Story, translated from Turkish by Zeynep Beler, in Trafika Europe 16 – Turkish Delight.

Bowery Poetry Speaks – Ep 06: Dutch poet & novelist Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Sun 21 June 4:00pm EDT (9pm in London, 10pm in Netherlands)

In this superb discussion, host Andrew Singer speaks with acclaimed Dutch poet, novelist, and scholar Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, focusing on his book of poetic idylls, as well as La Superba, in English translation by Michelle Hutchison, published by Open Letter Books. They discuss form in poetry, the theme of migration in literature, and more. Includes a performance of La Superba as well as one idyll.

If you can’t catch these premieres, there are two full encores during the week: (1) “Eastern encore”: Tuesday from 10am in London (2:30pm in India, 6pm in Tokyo, 7pm in Sydney) and (2) Thursday from noon EDT (5pm in London)

Each episode streams at the top of the hour – shows may begin a minute or more earlier or later than scheduled – please feel free to hang out in our music lounge between shows.

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