Trafika Europe Radio, 8 November: Christine Montalbetti, Julia Sherwood on Alena Mornstajnova, Margarita Serafimowa, Kaya Genç and Noèlia Díaz Vicedo

Trafika Europe Radio livestream on Sunday, 8 November 2020 has five great new audio episodes!

To listen live and to explore their podcast archives.

The complete schedule with show descriptions:

Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White

Sun 8 November noon EDT (5pm in London, 6pm in France) CHRISTINE MONTALBETTI, French author (44 mins)

Host John O’Brien interviews exquisite French contemporary novelist Christine Montalbetti (published in English by Dalkey Archive Press). Includes a notably fine discussion on her literary technique and about her milieu with expert Warren Motte (rebroadcast)

The Middle Ground

Sun 8 November 1pm EDT (6pm in London, 7pm in Czechia) JULIA SHERWOOD: HANA BY ALENA MORNSTAJNOVA

It’s 1954 and nine-year-old Mira’s life is about to change forever. After a typhoid outbreak rages through her town, the orphaned child is forced to live with her mysterious, depressive Aunt Hana. Gradually, Mira uncovers the secrets of their troubled family history. Alena Mornštajnová’s gripping novel, based on real events, has won numerous awards and been translated into over a dozen languages.

Translator Julia Sherwood talks with host Kristen Miller about this work and its translation, including excerpt reading from the novel

Bowery Poetry Speaks

Sun 8 November 2pm EDT (7pm in London, 9pm in Bulgaria) MARGARITA SERAFIMOVA, Bulgarian poet (55 minutes)

Margarita Serafimova has just won the biannual Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award for innovation and outstanding achievement in poetry. Come hear her fascinating discussion with host Clayton McKee about her life and work. Includes generous reading of her poems

Turkish Sofa

Sun 8 November 3pm EDT (8pm in London, 10pm in Turkey) KAYA GENÇ: ON TURKISH LITERATURE (50 minutes)

Notable Turkish novelist, translator, editor, and journalist Kaya Genç speaks with host Andrew Singer about historical and contemporary Turkish literature, literary translation into and out of Turkish, and conditions for Turkish authors in recent years, as well as diaspora Turkish literature being written in English

Women in Translation

Sun 8 November 4pm EDT (9pm in London, 10pm in France) NOÈLIA DÍAZ VICEDO: BLOODY ROOTS (34 minutes)

Host Kristen Miller interviews Valencian poet Noèlia Díaz Vicedo about her poetry and how Catalan language relates to her native Valencia. She discusses her latest collection, Bloody Roots (available from Francis Boutle Publishers) through the transformative lens of feminism and in relation to ancient and medieval works, and she shares numerous poems bilingually

Episodes may start one minute or more early or late; please feel free to hang out in our literary music lounge between shows.

For full schedule and to listen.

And just a head’s up: Trafika Europe Radio is pleased to be hosting European Literature Days 2020, NYC – a cooperation of European cultural institutes in New York, dropping a new literary episode daily from 16-20 November. Check out our audio teaser at the link – with more soon!

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