Trafika Europe Radio, 22 November: Alistair Ian Blyth, Yuri Andrukhovych, Claire Cunningham, Mahir Karayazı and Sara Mesa

Trafika Europe Radio livestream on Sunday, 22 November 2020 has five great new audio episodes!

To listen live and to explore their podcast archives.

The complete schedule with show descriptions:

Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White

Sun 22 November noon EDT (5pm in London) (55 mins)

Join publisher John O’Brien and editor and translator Alistair Ian Blyth for a provocative, informed discussion of literary translation from an editor’s perspective. This is rebroadcast of an earlier episode.

The Middle Ground

Sun 22 November 1pm EDT (6pm in London, 8pm in Ukraine) (57 mins)

Ukrainian novelist and poet Yuri Andrukhovych (Юрій Андрухович) speaks about the 1930s poet Bohdan Ihor Antonych, about his own development as an experimental novelist, and the role of the provocative writer in society. He discusses Bu-Ba-Bu (Burlesque-Bluster-Bufoonery), the literary movement he co-founded, describes the relation of carnival and the carnivalesque with serious issues in Ukrainian society, and assesses the contribution of writers and artists during Ukraine’s political changes and in light of its current crisis. He also introduces his essay “Carpathologia Cosmophilica” (check it out at Trafika Europe, right here) and reads his poem “Gryphon”. This is a previously shared audio interview.

Bowery Poetry Speaks

Sun 22 November 2pm EDT (7pm in London and Ireland) (34 mins)

What a treat! Independent radio producer Claire Cunningham speaks with Kristen Miller about her Irish poetry series, Words Lightly Spoken, and the contemporary Irish poetry scene. Includes original poems read by Michael Longley, Nidhi Zak Aria Eipe, Andrew Carpenter, Simon Ó Faoláin (in both Gaelic and English), and Jane Clarke.

Turkish Sofa

Sun 22 November 3pm EDT (8pm in London, 10pm in Turkey) (23 mins)

Mahir Karayazı speaks with host Erkut Tokman about his poetry, his short films and his two books, Five Stones and Stalk. He also discusses his poetry through the lens of cinema.

Women in Translation

Sun 22 November 4pm EDT (9pm in London, 10pm in Spain)

Enjoy excerpts from Sara Mesa’s novel, Four by Four, both in English translation by Katie Whittemore, and in original Spanish – performed by Aliah Showkatian.

Episodes may start one minute or more early or late; please feel free to hang out in our literary music lounge between shows.

For full schedule and to listen.

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