Trafika Europe Radio, 2 August: Jacques Jouet, Flurina Badel, Mikhail Iossal, Mario Levi, Yolanda Castaño and Keith Payne

Trafika Europe Radio will see five new audio episodes of their literary livestream this Sunday, 2 August 2020 from noon EDT (5pm in London), with two full encores during the week!

To listen live and to explore their podcast archives.

The complete schedule with show descriptions:

Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White, Ep 12 – Jacques Jouet, French author

Sun 2 August noon EDT (5pm in London, 6pm in France)

French author Jacques Jouet speaks with hosts John O’Brien and Ismail Ibrahim about his collection, Metro Poems as well as his satirical novel, Mountain R., published by Dalkey Archive Press in English translation by Brian Evenson. They also discuss Julio Cortazar, fascism, and some current politics.

Swiss Literature Today, Ep 12 – Flurina Badel: Tinnitus Tropic

Sun 2 August 1pm EDT (6pm in London, 7pm in Switzerland)

Swiss poet Flurina Badel speaks with host Andrew Singer about her collection of poetry, Tinnitus Tropic, originally in Romansch, recipient of the Swiss literature prize in 2020. She discusses this poetry in the context of Romansch language, and her work as an artist – and we enjoy a premiere in English of poems translated by Maureen and Viviane Ehrensberger. This series enjoys support from the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York and Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia.

Bowery Poetry Speaks, Ep 12 – Mikhail Iossal, Russian émigré

Sun 2 August 2pm EDT (7pm in London, 9pm in Saint Petersburg)

Russian author Mikhail Iossal speaks with host Nina Kossman about writing programs he has created and run on several continents, his emigration from the former Soviet Union to the US (and later Canada), his development as a writer, how Russian émigrés may regard US politics today, and what is a suitable response a writer can make in light of this and the present pandemic. Includes reading of a piece which has appeared previously in The New Yorker magazine.

Turkish Sofa, Ep 12 – Mario Levi: Our Best Love Story (a reading)

Sun 2 August 3pm EDT (8pm in London, 10pm in Turkey)

Enjoy excerpts from Mario Levi’s novel, Our Best Love Story, published by Dalkey Archive Press in English translation by Zeynep Beler, read by Andrew Singer.

Women in Translation, Ep 12 – Yolanda Castaño and Keith Payne: Second Tongue

Sun 2 August 4pm EDT (9pm in London, 10pm in Spain)

Galician poet Yolanda Castaño and translator Keith Payne discuss with host Joe Williams the collection of poetry, Second Tongue, which has won the Fundación Novacaixagalicia Prize – published in English by Shearsman Books. Includes poems set to musical compositions by Isaac Garabatos.

If you miss these episodes on Sunday, there are two full encores during the week:

“Eastern encore” – Tuesday 4 August from 10am in London, 6pm in Tokyo, 7pm in Sydney,

Second encore – Thursday 6 August from noon in New York, 5pm in London

Episodes may start one minute or more early or late. Please feel free to hang out in our music lounge between shows.
For full schedule and to listen.

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