Trafika Europe Radio, 1 November: Iulian Ciocan, Rimas Uzgiris and Danutė Kalinauskaitė, Inga Gaile, Karin Karakaşli and Anne Garréta

Trafika Europe Radio livestream on Sunday, 1 November 2020 has five great new audio episodes!

To listen live and to explore their podcast archives.

The complete schedule with show descriptions:

Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White

Sun 1 November noon EDT (5pm in London, 7pm in Romania) (26 mins)

Iulian Ciocan’s novel, Before Brezhnev Died, is set in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia during the twilight of the decrepit Brezhnev regime. A pensioner seeks justice for his dead wife, crushed by a falling crane, but comes up against hostility from a cynical system – at best indifferent, at worst, contemptuous of human life. Enjoy this excerpt reading, translated from Romanian by Alistair Ian Blyth, performed by Jacob Stovall.

The Middle Ground

Sun 1 November 1pm EDT (6pm in London, 8pm in Lithuania)

We talk with Lithuanian translator Rimas Uzgiris about translating “By Remote Means” by Danutė Kalinauskaitė. This short story is read in full by Kristen Miller. Enjoy “By Remote Means” and much more literature from Lithuania and across Europe in Trafika Europe 15 – Lithuanian Honey Cake – free online!

Bowery Poetry Speaks

Sun 1 November 2pm EDT (7pm in London, 9pm in Latvia)

Inga Gaile is an award-winning poet, playwright, and novelist. In this episode, she talks about the origins of her work, her development toward more experimental theatre, and the relation of theatre to poetry. She details how she approached writing her historical novel Glass Shards, commissioned as part of the “We. Latvia. The 20th Century” series of Latvian novels, and she shares with us some of her poetry. (This is a rebroadcast of a previous talk.) Check out  Trafika Europe 3 – Latvian Sojourn for half a dozen other terrific Latvian authors, and more.

Turkish Sofa

Sun 1 November 3pm EDT (8pm in London, 10pm in Turkey)

Let Me Out Here, Please by Karin Karakaşlı, translated from Turkish by Zeynep Beler, was included in our Trafika Europe 16 – Turkish Delight journal issue. It is an experimental work that incorporates both prose and poetry. This episode features a reading of three pieces from Let Me Out Here, Please, performed by Aliah Showkatian.

Women in Translation

Sun 1 November 4pm EDT (9pm in London, 10pm in France)

French author Anne F. Garréta’s Albertine Prize-winning novel Not One Day follows an intimate and sometimes bitter memory of past lovers. Enjoy excerpts in English translation by Emma Ramadan, performed by Abigail Haber. You can find this work – and much more – in Trafika Europe 12 – French Bon Bons

Episodes may start one minute or more early or late; please feel free to hang out in our literary music lounge between shows.

For full schedule and to listen.

And just a head’s up: Trafika Europe Radio is pleased to be hosting European Literature Days 2020, NYC – a cooperation of European cultural institutes in New York, dropping a new literary episode daily from 16-20 November. Check out our audio teaser at the link – with more soon!

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