The Queer Riveter: Poems by Anna Blasiak, translated by Maria Jastrzębska, Marta Dziurosz and the Author


Łuk wycięcia zaplecka

– twoje ciało.
Małżowinowa brodawka.

Rocaille urastał w palce tkliwe.

Czułam je
leżąc w łóżku.
Chcę tu zawsze


Headboard carved into a bow

– your body.
Auricular nipple.

Rocaille growing into tender fingers.

I felt them
lying in bed.
I always want to sleep

Translated by Maria Jastrzębska and the Author


Miąższ truskawek
nagrzanych słońcem
był jak krew.
Zlizywałam łapczywie.

Zaraz przyjdą wiśnie.

the flesh of strawberries
was like blood
I licked greedily.

Cherries next.

Translated by Maria Jastrzębska and the Author


Uciekłam przed domem.


I escaped home.
It caught up.

Translated by Marta Dziurosz

By Anna Blasiak

Read The Queer Riveter in its entirety here.

Anna Blasiak is an art historian, poet and translator. She runs the European Literature Network with Rosie Goldsmith. She has worked in museums and a radio station and written on art, film and theatre.

Maria Jastrzębska was co-editor of Queer in Brighton (New Writing South 2014) and co-founded Queer Writing South. She translated Justyna Bargielska’s The Great Plan B (Smokestack 2017). Her most recent collection is The True Story of Cowboy Hat and Ingénue (Cinnamon Press/Liquorice Fish 2018). She lives in Brighton.

Marta Dziurosz is a Polish literary translator and interpreter, and a literary curator. She was Free Word Centre’s Translator in Residence 2015–16. Her writing and translations have been published in the New Statesman, PEN Atlas and elsewhere. She recently co-translated the collected works of Janusz Korczak and Renia Spiegel’s Diary (Penguin Random House).

Photo of Anna Blasiak by Lisa Kalloo

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