The European Review of Books

A new magazine of culture and ideas is being launched: The European Review of Books. The best essays, from many Europes and in many languages. In print three times a year, online every week. On books and everything else.

ERB has approached the ELNet to pass this invitation on to writers and translators who would be interested in it. One of their missions is to reach as-yet-untranslated and as-yet-undiscovered authors and bring them to new readers.

Good essays don’t yet travel across borders. Some books get translated, sure, and adorn bookshelves and beach towels in many languages. But culture in Europe is filtered through national sieves: reviewers review, or merely rate, the latest item for their respective national publics. We want to break out of that frame. The imagination we want to cultivate needs generous discernment, an eye for the hidden gem, a relish for the unorthodox. 

This Saturday, May 8, ERB will launch a campaign to raise funds and gather subscriptions. What they raise will be used to pay all contributors in their first year of operation: the writers, translators, local editors, illustrators and photographers who will bring the magazine to life.

Learn more at their pilot site:

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