The Dutch Riveter: MEER LEGS by Maartje Smits, translated by Vivien D. Glass

I would möchte be
a frauship’s shallow schouwdek
a bitsy bitchy lust objection

with dikke thighs
dikes off all men deck
deilig thighs bulk carriers that
tar all, tenderly tegen affection

ik want thighs that faul
behouwen and dare to be seen
zie you siegst
minne Seekontainer legs
siegst minne peal d’orange
cellulite royal ’t squirts
lukewarm tea dregs in my lazy rolling dans lui
weil go on and choose to you weinst
past my solid soaked legs

By Maartje Smits

Translated by Vivien D. Glass

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Maartje Smits’s highly innovative first poetry collection Als je een meisje bent (‘If You Are a Girl’) was published in 2015, followed two years later by Hoe ik een bos begon in mijn badkamer (‘How I Started a Forest in my Bathroom’). The way in which Smits lets her poems break free from the Dutch by peppering them with German, English and French words is becoming something of a trademark for her.

Vivien D. Glass is a literary translator from Dutch and German. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the ITV University of Applied Sciences for Translation and Interpreting, and her published translations include works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and children’s verse.

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