The Bookblast 10×10 Tour: The Northern Influence on Books & Culture

Wednesday 12 September • Bluemoose Books Waterstones, Newcastle • 6.30 p.m.

Chair: Kevin Duffy, publisher, Bluemoose Books (new fiction, new voices). Founded in 2006, Bluemoose Books is an independent publisher based in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire.

Colette Snowden lives in Manchester with her three children. She graduated from St. Andrews University and is now a journalist. @colette_ snowden

Book focus: The Secret to not Drowning, (2015), is a thought-provoking psychological domestic drama which was Mumsnet, Book of the Month and chosen as a Brave New Reads 2016. Marion’s life looks good on the surface, but she is controlled and bullied by her husband. Her only respite is a once-a-week trip to the local swimming pool. A chance meeting with an old school-friend develops into a secret relationship.

Dan Micklethwaite is an award-winning short-story author and novelist who does most of his writing in a shed in West Yorkshire. @Dan_M_Writer

Book focus: Shortlisted for The Guardian’s “Not the Booker Prize” in 2016, The Less than Perfect Legend of Donna Creosote, (2016), is a modern, inner-city fairy tale. Donna Crick-Oakley lives at the top of a tower block in Huddersfield in a flat that’s literally carpeted with books. She’s become so immersed in the fairy tales and fantasies they contain that even when she does go outside, she relies on them for inspiration and to mediate the experience.

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