SOUTHESTER by Haroldo Conti published by And Other Stories

For the first time, And Other Stories is publishing a classic book by a canonical author… admittedly, one that has never been published in the UK or US. AOS discovered ‘Southeaster’ through Spain-based translator Jon Lindsay Miles‘ own edition and fell in love with it. And they were delighted when John Burnside and Tim Winton did too!

“A world view, a landscape and a unique literary vision that is essential to our time.” – John Burnside

“Conti is a writer for whom place is character, not backdrop, and what a place, what a character. He’s a revelation.” – Tim Winton

You can read more about Conti and ‘Southeaster’ in this in-depth article in Boston Review, although North American readers will have to wait until November before they can buy this book in shops.

Jon Lindsay Miles kicks off the Free Word Centre’s new series, Wanderlust: Great Literature from Around the World with a talk on Monday 7 September about Haroldo Conti and his translation of ‘Southeaster’.

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