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Sounds Right Partners, Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman, are both former BBC journalists. They are specialists in the fields of Media, Communication, Journalism, Presentation Training, PR and Consultancy. They host podcasts, curate and chair events in the UKand internationally, in all media, online, hybrid and in person.
Sounds Right is the governing body of the European Literature Network.

Sounds Right is a Partnership, registered as such with HM Revenue and Customs, and VAT registered.The Partners in Sounds Right are Max Easterman and Rosie Goldsmith. The VAT registration is, in conformity with UK law, held by Max Easterman, the senior partner. Sounds Right manages the administration, business and funding of The European Literature Network. It is non-profit, non-commercial, open and independent but not a registered charity.

Should you wish to contact Sounds Rightto request its media or training services, or to discuss any aspect of its work, please email:

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Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman

Rosie Goldsmith is an award-winning journalist specializing in arts and foreign affairs. A BBC staff broadcaster for twenty years, she travelled the world, presented several flagship programmes such as Crossing Continents, A World In Your Ear, Open Book and Front Row. She has interviewed leading cultural and literary figures, from Margaret Atwood to Edmund de Waal, David Mitchell to Karlheinz Stockhausen. Rosie is a passionate linguist (French, German and Italian) and has lived in Europe, Africa and the USA. Today she combines journalism with chairing and curating arts and literary events in the UK and across the world. Known as a champion of international literature, translation and language learning, she promotes them whenever she can. She is Founder and Director of the European Literature Network, Editor-in-Chief of The Riveter magazine and was Chair of the Judges of the EBRD Literature Prize from 2018-2020. She is a regular chair at literature festivals, collaborates with major cultural organisations, from museumsto festivals to universities, such as Future Library Norway, ELIT-European Literature Days Austria, the Dutch Literature Foundation and the Swiss Arts Council.


Max Eastermanis a widely respected and award-winning journalist and teacher, with extensive experience of broadcast, print, media and journalism training, in Britain and round the world. A graduate of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, he began his long BBC career in local broadcasting, going on to present and produce some of the BBC’s flagship radio programmes,such asThe World Tonight and Newshour for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. He is also a qualified media trainer, teacher and university lecturer. He conducted BBC Training workshops all over the world. For over a decade, he taught Broadcasting and Journalism at Huddersfield University. Max created several ground-breaking radio, multi-media and journalism projects for schools and colleges. He speaks French, German, Italian and some Spanish,and also translates. As a musician, he plays the piano and writes regular jazz and literary reviews.  He works in media, PR and presentationtraining in partnership with Rosie Goldsmith.

Max is the business administrator for the Sounds Right Partnership and the European Literature Network.