Snow Q: FILM! FILM! by Maria Jastrzębska

Snow Q from Snow Q on Vimeo.

QuestionHow can you summarise months of work – discussion, ideas, attempts to blend together the creativity of artists working in entirely different fields, music, fine art, photograpy/video and poetry – in one short documentary film? 

Answer: It’s impossible! Not that it ever puts artists off! We live and breathe impossible… Luckily, Snow Q, our collaborative project to re-imagine Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, had filmmaker Rosie Powell who came to us during rehearsal just before the opening of our installation and shot some amazing footage. With that and some additional footage from Snow Q’s own filmmaker Wendy Pye, Rosie and Wendy between them have put together a short documentary with help from sound engineer Simon Yapp, which we hope will give you some idea of what we’ve been up to.

If you couldn’t come to the installation we hope it gives you a flavour of our work and if you came along a reminder. We’re now thinking how to take our many new ideas forward. Watch this space!

By Maria Jastrzębska

This blog was originally published on Snow Q Project‘s website on 27 March 2019.

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