Rosie The Riveter introduces February’s #RivetingReviews

If you attended our ELNet workshop this February 2017, ‘How To Write Riveting Reviews’, then you’ll know how inspiring it was to hear some of this country’s top literary critics sharing their advice and ideas. The workshop certainly inspired some of you to write your first reviews I’ve been delighted by the response and impressed by your writing. Thank you!

As a result of such an open call for reviews, we can today present you with a wonderful variety of styles, countries, languages, authors, translators and publishers. I feel strongly, not just about broadening our appreciation of European literature in English, but about broadening the numbers of reviewers and reviews. France, Greece, Norway, Iceland, Romania, Italy, Slovakia and Poland are all represented on our ‘pages’ this month. And speaking of ‘pages’, next month, March 2017, we are producing our first-ever printed magazine. It is called ‘The Riveter’ and focuses on Polish writing, in order to reflect the Polish Market Focus at London Book Fair. ’The Riveter’ will be available free at LBF but we will also be providing a free online version.

To kickstart our celebration of Polish literature, our first review today is of a Polish classic reviewed by one of our favourite new reviewers, Aneesa Abbas Higgins.

Thank you to all of you for your reviews. Please keep on reading European fiction and sharing your views and reviews. The more the merrier!

By Rosie Goldsmith

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